Welcome to Auckland Malayali Samajam

ഒരു കുടുംബം ഒരു ഭാഷ ഒരു സമാജം

Auckland Malayali Samajam was established with the aim of bringing together all the Malayalis of Auckland to foster contacts,friendship and understanding to the extent possible for the well being of the Malayali community as well as that of the New Zealand society.

Through meticulously organised cultural, social, educational and sporting activities Auckland Malayali Samajam adds value to society thereby achieving high level of social interaction and social awareness in the community.

For the younger generation, we pass on the cultural heritage, tradition, the rarely cherished legacy and values while they are integrating in to the New Zealand culture. We celebrate social and religious festivals traditionally celebrated in our home land to keep alive our strong bond with Kerala. 

We link people, culture and values in this Rainbow Nation of New Zealand where a well knit multi-ethnic community live harmoniously.